Looking to Expand Overseas?

For many businesses, it is a lucrative opportunity, but not without some serious challenges. Even with strong market drivers and favourable conditions, there are many issues to be resolved before offshore operations can commence.
Here are just a few:

Getting the right legal and financial advice
Location and site / premises selection
Obtaining permits and licenses
Accessing maximum available incentives
Human resources, staffing and employment
Product transfers
Increased operational complexity
Overstretched management resources
Cross-cultural issues

Transatlantic expansion by organic growth/start-up or by acquisition can be so demanding that many companies simply give up or struggle to meet their goals. You don’t have to be one of those businesses; you may simply need an experienced partner.

Link Alliance has cost-effective solutions to all of these common planning and start-up issues. We can coordinate resources to manage implementation whilst mitigating risk in new and existing operations.

Supporting Transatlantic Growth

Link Alliance is a provider of single-point access to a network of carefully selected experienced business professionals supporting American and British enterprises in the planning of their offshore operations.